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New Headshots

These photos are a few of my favourites taken on a recent portrait shoot. You can see a selection taken outdoors as well as some indoor photos making use of my new studio equipment.

New Equipment

I haven’t posted on here for a long time as I’ve been so busy with my final year at university and now doing my PGCE. I have also been very busy building my photography equipment. At Christmas I got a new camera and external flash and just yesterday I got myself a new lens. I…
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Day in the Park

These photos were taken while my family were in Bath for the October half term. We went to my local park that my sister has always wanted to go to. It was a little cold but we all had a great time. Especially when my brother nearly fell off a spinning platform!

Guests at a Wedding

Of course when I helped assist at the wedding a while back I captured a variety of photos of the guests. Here are just a few of my favourites. One of the things I learnt was non staged photos are some of the best photos you can take.

Ballet in Manchester

Here are a few more shots from the dance shoot I did a few weeks ago! I am really hoping to do some more with Megan when I go home at Christmas. Hopefully not in the snow though.

Beach Portrait

My beautiful sister let me take some photos of her while we were at the beach. She is such a poser! But she is really helpful when I want to try new ideas for portraits.

Dancing in the City

Since my portraits shoots have been doing so well I have now started some dance photography. With my love of dance starting at the age of just three I find this really helps when taking the photos. It was such great fun and I got lots of great photos.

Trip to the castle

Last year when I went to see the fireworks I went to a castle to watch them and so I returned here to take some more shots. Here are the first set.

Wanting to do something different

So here is time for some more portrait shoots I did while at university for some acting students. They are all beginning to look so similar to each other I have decided I am starting to do something different. So over summer I am going to be working with some dance students and also going…
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Band Photos

These photos are of a band who asked me to take photos for them. These photos were then used for their Facebook and other advertising.