Category: Nature

Beautiful Flowers

Haven’t shown some flower pictures recently so below are a few I took during the summer holidays. Not looking forward to winter where all the colourful flowers are nowhere to be found! As you can see I love zooming right into the subject! The detail is amazing.

Cheddar Gorge

On the way back from Weston super Mare we made a detour to Cheddar Gorge. A place my grandma had told me about not too long ago. Here are a few natural landscapes I took during the short amount of time we were there.

Day at the Beach

The  next few weeks of shoots were mainly taken while on holiday for two weeks. We went to the beach at Weston super Mare. The sea may not be clear blue but it was lovely and warm!

Around my university campus

As I’ve already shown you all my university campus is a beautiful place to take photos. They are so many choices of flowers, these are a few taken in the walled gardens and around the lake. Only a few minutes away from where I lived this year.

A pink rose

This next set of photos is a little different to normal because instead of choosing a range of flowers I’ve chose a set of 6 photos of a pink rose. The last photo was actually taken on a different day hence the rain drops.  

Summer has arrived

So now I am home I decided to take some more photos of my grandma’s garden. Yet again she had plenty of amazing flowers. Here are just a few photos I took that day.

A collection of flowers

Here are a few photos I took yesterday around my university campus. When taking photos of flowers I am so used to zooming straight in I thought it was best for me to try something different. I hope you like them!

Reservoir walk

I live near such amazing places, this reservoir is one of my favourites. One side has lots of trees and so the reservoir looks great through the branches. I’m going to put more photos from this trip on in the future.  

Flowers in Bath

Went for a picnic a month or so ago and the flowers there were beautiful so had to get some photos. Also I just wanted to add thank you so much to everyone who has viewed my blog and Facebook page.

Trip to the park

While I was at home for a weekend I took my sister to the park to get some photos. As you can see there are mostly trees so I’ve added a few other photos that I took while at the park.