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Throwback to last April

The weather hasn’t been the best for photos recently so I decided to find some old photos I ended up not putting on here. These are from April 2015 (last year) when I came home for Easter. The photos were taken at a local reservoir. As you can see the trees were still bare and…
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Chester Zoo Flowers

So as promised here are a few photos I have taken since getting home for the summer. During the schools half term my family and I went to Chester Zoo. I took over 800 photos of flowers and animals so as you’ve probably guessed my next post will be photos of the animals. As I’ve…
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Nearby Area

The area I stayed in was surrounded with forest which was breathtaking. The trees were huge and when it was foggy it made great photos. It was going into Autumn in Australia, hence the changing colour of some of the leaves. However in the forest they only have evergreens as these are the traditional trees…
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Here are just a couple of photos from my trip to Cranbourne again. This time I focused on taking photos of the landscape. In the centre of the gardens they recreated the centre of Australia with the red sand. This is something I would love to go and see for real in the future.

Cranbourne Gardens

These photos were taken in Australia in a botanical garden I visited. I loved seeing all the different plants. I love the panorama at the end of the post.

Australian Beach

The beach is Australia was breathtaking. I couldn’t believe how clear the water was! Definitely my favourite place to take photos of while in Australia. Also the seagull loved having it’s photo taken!

Back from Australia

Hi everyone I’m back! I had a great time in Australia and took lots of photos to share on here. Therefore I have quite a few blog posts lined up with photos to show. I hope you enjoy them! During my trip I visited Cranbourne Botanical Gardens, it was great to get photos of all…
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New Editing Software

Something a little bit different for today’s post. I’ve got some new editing software so been messing around with an old photo to try it out. So here is four of my favourite edits…

The Leaves are Falling

As Autumn arrives the leaves begin to fall and what beautiful photos they make. I visited two parks while my family was down and these are just a few of the hundreds of photos I took. Because of the amount of photos I took I will put a second set of photos on another time.…
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Rocks on a Beach

One thing I love about about beach is the way the water hits the rocks. Therefore I thought why not capture a few of these moments while in Weston-super-Mare.