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Wedding – Summer 2018

Another post, another wedding. It was a lovely day and the sun was shining bright. Lots of smiles were shared.

Wedding 2018

Just a couple of the many photos taken at a wedding last year. Looking forward to the weddings booked over the next few months. Summer here we come!

Disney Parade

You can’t beat the Disney parade. It was so quiet so we got a great space that was perfect for my photos. My favourite part was right at the start with Belle and the Beast, my favourite Disney characters, and luckily I got a good picture of the float.

Hollywood Studios

Here are some photos I took in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A lot of the park has closed to be rebuilt etc so there wasn’t too much to take photos of. Hollywood Studios had my favourite Disney show called Fantasmic, it was amazing and I wish I could see it again.  

Disney’s Halloween Fireworks

These photos were taken during the Halloween firework display. The fireworks were incredible and I was in a really great place for taking photos. I loved how well some of the photos came out. These are just a few of my favourites.

I’m Back!

After a lovely Christmas break and a week doing lots of essays for university I am back again. Despite Christmas being over (and Easter eggs already being in the shops) I’m showcasing some of my favourite photos taken over the Christmas period. Enjoy!

Guests at a Wedding

Of course when I helped assist at the wedding a while back I captured a variety of photos of the guests. Here are just a few of my favourites. One of the things I learnt was non staged photos are some of the best photos you can take.


Throughout summer local villages use petals and leaves to create something called a ‘Well Dressing’. People come together for weeks to make them and they look amazing when they have finished. These photos are of just one well dressing made in Buxton.


A few weeks ago we went to some horse races, after this James performed. They are one of my parents favourite bands. Here are a few photos I was able to take despite the crowd.

Buxton Carnival

These are a few photos from a local carnival that I took during the summer. The bands are my favourite part of a carnival. I was still at university when it was my village carnival so luckily there was a carnival nearby that I was able to go to.