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Melbourne Memorial

I’ve been playing around with my editing software so it’s taken me a while to edit all my photos from Australia. Here are a few photos I took while in Melbourne of the memorial. It’s such a beautiful building.

Trip to Dismaland

As my summer holiday was coming to an end a Banksy exhibition began in Weston-super-Mare. Therefore the weekend my parents took me back for university we went to see it for the day. It was great to take photos and I got hundreds. I will be putting them on in stages so you don’t get…
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Castle Hunting

While on holiday my family and I had a search for a castle so I could get some photos. I managed to get some photos through my window of the car as we drove past one and then we went to the castle I have mentioned in the past.

The view of Bath

One of my most recent portrait shoots was at a castle wall which overlooks Bath. While I was there I managed to take a few shots of the beautiful view of Bath. The sky was a little dull but what do you expect for the UK’s summer.

Buildings near the beach

Linking to the beach shots I’ve been putting on recently here are a few building related shots. The sun wasn’t too warm but the colour of the sky compliments the buildings perfectly.

Strange Building

While also being at Weston-super-Mare there was this really strange building. I still don’t really know what it was used for! Anyway when I looked closer there were tiny birds sat in between the layers.

Last year in France

I go to France every year for my summer holidays and so have lots of photos from the different places. I don’t actually remember the name of this area but it had a great variety of buildings from young to old.

A trip to Paris

These photos are from the first and only time I have been in the centre of beautiful Paris. I really hope to go again. There are so many amazing things to take photo of, here are just a few photos I took a few years ago.

French Churches

Below are a few photos I took on holiday in France last year. Churches are such beautiful buildings to capture, especially these ones!

Bath Spa University Campus

My campus is so beautiful. I am so lucky to have these buildings so close to me!