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Universal Florida

Not posted in a while because of Christmas. But here I am again with some pictures from my trip to Florida. They were all taken in Universal. Enjoy!


Epcot had some amazing places I could take photos of, they have a section where there is an area for each country. There was such a range of architecture. It’s such a beautiful area and I loved walking round looking at each country. The England area was definitely one of the funniest, it didn’t look…
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Hollywood Studios

Here are some photos I took in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A lot of the park has closed to be rebuilt etc so there wasn’t too much to take photos of. Hollywood Studios had my favourite Disney show called Fantasmic, it was amazing and I wish I could see it again.  

Animal Kingdom

Today’s post shows some photos I took at Animal Kingdom. The photos show a range of different subjects, including animals, nature and architecture. This was one of my favourite parks because it had some good rides but also the theming is amazing (as you can see in the photos).

Magic Kingdom

I’ve been super busy since coming back from Florida and so I haven’t had time to post anything on here. So I’ve sorted through my holiday photos and made a few posts. These photos are of Magic Kingdom in Disney World. I’ve picked a few of my favourite photos.

Abandoned Waterpark

In the area we were staying in there was an abandoned waterpark. The waterpark closed in 2009 supposedly just for summer. That sign is still there today! We had a walk around as it wasn’t closed off. It was surprising how much of it wasn’t completely trashed!

Puerto de Mogán

There was a large market on a Friday at Puerto de Mogán which wasn’t far from where we were staying. Unfortunately it was a very hot day so I didn’t take photos when walking around the market. Therefore here are some photos taken at the Harbour.

Melbourne Skyline

The view over Melbourne from the apartment was amazing. Most of these photos were taken during Moomba which is an important day in Australia. Throughout the weekend they had a number of different parades and fireworks. Therefore there was lots of people walking around. I loved that there were so many old buildings next to…
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These next photos are from a trip to Ballarat, Sovereign Hill. This is an open-air museum which shows life in the first 10 years after the discovery of gold in 1851. I loved the actors that dressed up to show life in 1951. When editing the photos I used a HDR effect. These photos were…
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Here are a few photos of some graffiti I found in Melbourne. I loved the city, there was always something happening and colourful art around every corner.