Category: Animals


Near the campsite we were staying at there was a field with donkeys in. Luckily for me they came towards me while I had my camera one day. I got some great shots.

Grumpy Cricket

When setting up the trailer tent my brother spotted a cricket on one of the ground sheets. So I ran over with my camera and took a few quick photos. It looks so grumpy!

More ducks and swans

I’ve noticed a lot of my animal posts are ducks and swans and so I have told myself while on holiday I will find new animals to take pictures of. And so I promise this is the last post of ducks and swans.


Time for another cute post. This time its some ducklings. I spotted them when going to a carnival. They were a little scared of me coming close to them so I had to be quick when taking the photos.


When taking photos of some flowers I noticed a few insects, I couldn’t miss the chance of getting some quick snaps. So here is the result.

Swan Lake

While on a portrait shoot these swans decided to take over the shoot by coming over to me. Of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity!

Molly the Cat

My grandmas cat Molly always loves having her picture taken, as you can see in these photos. She is a beautiful cat.

My friend the duck

While on a walk around a lake on my university campus I came across this duck. It sure loved the camera!

Guinea Pigs

My poor guinea pigs were in a cardboard box so I thought I’d take the opportunity to take some photos. How can they look so cute without even trying!

Summer day at Chessington

These photos were taken last July at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. I had a lovely day in the sun capturing the animals when they least expected it. My favourite is definitely the ostrich!