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Animal Kingdom

Today’s post shows some photos I took at Animal Kingdom. The photos show a range of different subjects, including animals, nature and architecture. This was one of my favourite parks because it had some good rides but also the theming is amazing (as you can see in the photos).

My grandma’s new puppy!

On Saturday my grandma collected her new puppy Pippa. Here are some photos I took of Pippa!

Chester Zoo Animals Part 2

Here is my second instalment of Chester Zoo Animal photos. I plan on taking some photos over the next week ready for my next post. Enjoy!

Chester Zoo Animals Part 1

Here is my first half of photos I took at Chester Zoo. I’ve included a mixture so the photos aren’t too similar. I hope you like them! There were so many different types of animals to take photos of and I was lucky to get pictures when the animals was looking in my direction or…
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Australian Animals

My favourite animals while in Australia was the Koala and Kangaroo. These are wild animals in the area I was staying in but unfortunately I wasn’t out late enough to see them. But I did get to see them at the sanctuary I visited. I was able to take photos close up as I fed…
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Bird on my Lens

While taking photos in a sanctuary a bird decided to land on my lens. It then started to peck at my camera strap. Think it was jealous of me taking photos of the other birds!

Zoo Animals

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I always make sure I have six images to put on each blog post. Sometimes it means it’s hard to choose only six and sometimes I really like a couple of images but can’t find more photos that link with it so they never get seen. Therefore I’ve decided to…
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Here’s a post for my grandma. Whenever I walk to University I walk through Royal Victoria Park and it is always full of squirrels. When I told my grandma she asked me to take some photos and so here they are. They are so quick it’s difficult to get too close.  

Penguin Paradise

During a visit at Bristol Zoo I captured these snaps. Penguins are such a cute animal! Now I might have to go and watch Happy Feet!!

My Favourite Animals

For anyone who doesn’t know my favourite animal is a Sloth. They may not be pretty or fast, but they amaze me how they can hang off a tree branch with their claws. When I visited a zoo I was able to capture a few photos as one of them began to move from it’s…
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