My friend the duck

While on a walk around a lake on my university campus I came across this duck. It sure loved the camera!

Trip to the park

While I was at home for a weekend I took my sister to the park to get some photos. As you can see there are mostly trees so I’ve added a few other photos that I took while at the park.

French Flowers

I have a love for taking photos of flowers and France is one of the best places to get the photos. This year it rained A LOT but fortunately for me it meant I could get the amazing rain effect on the flowers.

Weekend in Cardiff

After Christmas I went to Cardiff for the weekend. The buildings are stunning, it was such a lovely place and had lots and lots of shops! It was so nice to see the old and new buildings.

Guinea Pigs

My poor guinea pigs were in a cardboard box so I thought I’d take the opportunity to take some photos. How can they look so cute without even trying!

Canoeing in France

During our holiday to France in 2013 we went canoeing. Here are a few pictures of our trip down the lake. I love the difference between the old and new buildings.

My Grandma’s Garden

My grandma’s garden is always full of new surprises. She grows the most beautiful flowers. Here are just a few of them…

Beautiful Bath

Here are a few photos I took in Bath a few months ago when I first started University. Bath is such a beautiful place to live in. The building’s are just breathtaking!

Summer day at Chessington

These photos were taken last July at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. I had a lovely day in the sun capturing the animals when they least expected it. My favourite is definitely the ostrich!